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Mr. Devi Charan Ojha (Founder)

Today, we know the importance of information and communication technology and we believe that every child deserve right to technical education. Our goal is to change the society through education. It may sound idealistic, but this is precisely our mission. It is what motivates the work of everyone at the SITM — from faculty and staff, to students and alumni. It inspires our teaching and efforts. No other institution has this opportunity, but with opportunity comes responsibility. We must accept this responsibility and seize this moment. At SITM, We do not feed the students with mere facts and knowledge instead; we motivate our students to be the source of knowledge themselves. It has been possible by team of our staff who mould themselves first, before they mould the students. They demonstrate what they teach and they live what they profess. In other words, our staffs are living examples and best role models who inspire the students.

President And Vice President of Star  Institute of. TECH. & MGT

Adv. Aman Kumar Ojha (President)


Dr. Pawan Kumar Ojha
(Vice President)

(Assistant Professor, Political Science, MGKVP, Varanasi)

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